Have anyone else experienced that a notebook freez...
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Have anyone else experienced that a notebook freeze after hyperparameter search using AutoNBEATSx? I running a hyperparameter search based of the example notebook. The search runs fine but once the search is done the terminal or notebook just freezes and nothing happens. No error no feedback 😕. I managed to find this error in JupyterLab: ” Error displaying widget: model not found” I am using neuralforecast 1.4.0 with ray 2.3
hey @Mads Jensen! Thanks for using neuralforecast. We have experienced that behavior due to the huge amount of logs output by ray, is that the case? The workaround is simply to put %%capture at the beginning of the cell that runs
Hey, Thanks I will try that, it does indeed sounds like that could be the reason.
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Cool! Let me know what happens, we are still trying to figure out how to get rid of those prints xD
Thanks, I will do that. It is running now 🙂 There is also a lot of outputs, so I can why you wanna do that or at least control it someway.
@fede (nixtla) (they/them) Thanks for the suggestion, it seems to work.