Hi team, I am having some issue with the statsfore...
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Hi team, I am having some issue with the statsforecast models. I have numeric y (validated to be all positive values) and other 2 numeric variables. I am using Naive, RWD, AutoARIMA, AutoETS, AutoCES and AutoTheta models. I am constantly getting the warning messages in the 1st screenshot, which seems to be related to ARIMA model and ETS model. Plus, I tested removing ARIMA and ETS model from the list, however, I am getting the error message in 2nd screenshot. Does anyone know what might be the cause for any of these errors?
hey @Tia Guo! Regarding the first warnings, we are working on them, you can follow the discussion on this issue. Regarding the ‘tiny datasets’ error, it arises if the series is too short (usually less than 4 or 5 observations). In those cases, we recommend using the
argument of the
class to prevent the pipeline from crashing. That model will be used when an error appears. Here’s an example:
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StatsForecast(..., fallback_model=Naive())
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