Hello Team, I am using MLforecast one of my projec...
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Hello Team, I am using MLforecast one of my projects where we are predicting demand for 20-30 large datasets I am currently using pandas udf with pyspark to implement MLforecast, However my code breaks down while applying MLforecast on one of the large datasets. I want to implement MLforecast using Dask or some other library can anyone please help me with any examples of Dask implemenations of MLforecast. I am stuck with this I request members to help
hey @Ajinkya! Here you can find the documentation of the
class which is compatible with spark, dask, and ray. In particular, here you can find an example using dask. Regarding the error using pyspark, could you provide some details? A screenshot of the error and a code snippet might work
Hi fede I do not get errors the code just crashes I am basically converting a very large dataset to to pyspark dataframe and then applying a pandas udf on this dataframe. My pandas udf has MLforecast running. When i do the above mentioned operation the code crashes