Hello everyone. I want to learn more about setting...
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Hello everyone. I want to learn more about setting up a software architecture using
. I study the documentation and I was also able to analyze the
repository. Some things I could understand studying but others at the moment I don't understand. What interests me is: - how to test using nbdev? - How to put into production the library developed with nbdev?. (both in Conda and in PyPI). If you have resources to share, I would appreciate it. PS: later I will start studying more about
. Thank you.
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Hello Juan. Thanks for the interest! nbdev allows you to debug in real time any new script/model, since you can have the tests for debugging in the same notebook. Once you finish it, you need to create the corresponding .py with nbdev_build_lib. Then you can run/import the generated file as usual.
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A partir del lunes empiezo un curso de Introducción al Machine Learning. Cómo te comenté... Quisiera aprender bien como configurar el entorno de desarrollo con
Hay algunas cosas que si entiendo. Otras, no. Si tenés los link de lectura te agradecería 🙂
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