In issue <#217> `f_cols` is said to be used to ide...
# neural-forecast
In issue #217
is said to be used to identify future available exogenous variables. But I can't find anywhere in the whole code that
are actually used. How are exogenous variables that are available in the future and the ones that are not, treated differently?
Hi @Amir Moeini, thanks for reaching out. We are currently working on that feature. The `f_cols`is sort of a placeholder right now.
@Kin Gtz. Olivares, anything you might want to add?
Hi @Amir Moeini, For the moment the method operates with exogenous variables available at the time of the prediction (future exogenous). Checkout the N-BEATSx paper for a more precise explanation. Examples of them: Calendar features, controlled prices and promotions, knowledge of future events. We intend to have next versions of N-BEATSx, and neuralforecast models to operate with past temporal variables and future temporal variables separatedly.
read the N-BEATSx paper, I was misusing N-HiTS. thanks. looking forward to the next version of N-BEATSx.