Good day, I seem to be getting an error `RuntimeEr...
# neural-forecast
Good day, I seem to be getting an error
RuntimeError: einsum(): subscript p has size 2 for operand 1 which does not broadcast with previously seen size 0
. This only happens with the AutoNBEATS and AutoNBEATSx models. Other models run fine. The code that I have for AutoNBEATS worked perfectly fine until about a week ago.
Hi @Dawie van Lill. Are you using
? We fixed this issue in a recent Pull Request to the main branch (solving this issue The fix is available installing the library from the main branch. We will make a new release to PyPi next week.
Hi Christian, yes, I am using horizon=1. In my case this forecasting horizon is applicable, since I am working with quarterly data (low frequency).
I will install from the main branch and see if it resolves the issue, thanks for responding so quickly.