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Arsa Nikzad

06/28/2023, 6:06 PM
Hi @Max (Nixtla) Just sharing the questions here: Error measure questions • What's a reliable error measure for evaluating models at the item level, given our data is extremely intermittent? • Why is the gap between poor and good methods small when calculating error measure at the item level, but becomes larger when we aggregate forecast to a higher level? • How should we account for in-stock and out-of-stock periods in forecast accuracy calculation at the item level? Clustering questions: • What's the most effective approach for clustering time series data that includes both slow and fast-moving items to identify suitable forecasting methods? • What are the key features we should consider to classify time series, allowing for the use of distinct models for each category in the presence of intermittency?
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Nasreddine D

06/29/2023, 7:59 AM
Hi @Arsa Nikzad, I just read some articles that might be interesting for the error measures. For the medium and towardsdatascience articles, if it doesn't work you can try "private browsing" in your browser.

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