Hi Nixtla team, Is there any updated pretrained m...
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Hi Nixtla team, Is there any updated pretrained models for the following? • Pretrained N-HiTS M4 Monthly From https://nixtla.github.io/neuralforecast/examples/save_load_models.html, I understand there should be two files • `[model_name]_[suffix].ckpt`: Pytorch Lightning checkpoint file with the model parameters and hyperparameters. • `[model_name]_[suffix].pkl`: Dictionary with configuration attributes. From Pretrained N-HiTS M4 Monthly, it seems we can no longer find
I'd like to use the pretrained model since I don't have much access to the GPU. Currently trying to use google colab instead in the meanwhile, but probably will face some limitations.
Hi Afiq! Thanks for the interest. We are slowly making some new and bigger pre-trained models available to some users. The idea is to have something like an api for time series available. We would love to understand your use case better.
Hey @Afiq Johari! The pretrained models in the repo only work with neuralforecast<1.0.0. Please follow this notebook (https://github.com/Nixtla/transfer-learning-time-series/blob/main/nbs/Transfer_Learning.ipynb) and use “pip install “neuralforecast<1.0.0”“. 🙂
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Hi @Max (Nixtla), thank you for your response. I would like to clarify that I am interested in utilizing the pre-trained model (with a monthly frequency) for short-term forecasting or nowcasting, specifically for a 5-month horizon. Currently, I am unable to use the API due to data privacy concerns. Therefore, I would like to load the pre-trained models directly into my server environment.
@fede (nixtla) (they/them) thanks for this tips!