Hi, is there a way to visualize the convergence of...
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Hi, is there a way to visualize the convergence of a model i.e. plot the loss per training step after or during training?
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Hi @Stefan Wiegand. You can manually plot them using the stored trajectories. We store the train and validation losses of each training step in the
objects. You can access them like
after the model is trained
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Alternatively, you can use tools like TensorBoard
Great, thanks for your explanation, that’s exactly what I need!
Just for the future reader, when using an AutoNHITS model the trajectories are here: nf.models[0].model.train_trajectories
As Cristian mentioned TensorBoard is a good option and if you happen to use VSCode it is now integrated with TensorBoard. All models do automatic logging so for anyone interested all you need to do when running your models is to search TensorBoard in VSCode and open it in another tab and watch the loss functions updating in realtime.