08/12/2023, 3:05 PM
Hi Nixtla community, loving the libraries so far. I am trying to follow the polars walkthrough tutorial and noticed that most of the calls simply do not work with polars I have to include Y_df.to_pandas() for this to to work
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from statsforecast import StatsForecast
Additionally, the forecast method takes forever throwing many times the following errors:
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<__array_function__ internals>:200: RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in cast

Assertion failed: (isInt<33>(Addend) && "Invalid page reloc value."), function encodeAddend,
Thanks in advance for your help.
I am adding my poetry environment where I tried fixing version for llvmlite but to no avail. Using polars simply does not work. btw: I have Mac M2 with arm arch. (not sure if it is relevant, but often python packages break because of the arch) Thanks again
I tried
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polars = "^0.18.13"
pandas = "<2.0.0"
what is the correct version set up ?

Kevin Kho

08/14/2023, 5:34 PM
warning is fixed in the master branch already and will be fixed next release.
On the Polars, could we open an issue on Github for this?