I am trying to apply NHiTS to some new data I have...
# neural-forecast
I am trying to apply NHiTS to some new data I have but I get an error of
Out of bounds nanosecond timestamp: 2385-12-31 00:00:00
when I do nf.predict(futr_df=df_test). But my df_test only has 364 days in it with dates going from 2022-01-03 to 2023-01-01. There is no date even close to 2385! Also, the 'ds' column is properly converted to datetime type. It's weird. I am thinking that 2385 might be coming from adding a date to the last point in an input batch? I'm not sure. There is a line in the error stack pointing to core.py line 109 dates=np.tile(last_date_f(last_dates[0], len(dataset)). Has anyone seen this type of error before?
Hi @Farzad E! It has been a while, hopefully everything was running smoothly 🙂. The dates are created based on the frequency you specified when you instantiated the
object. Based on the value
it seems you are using a frequency of
, instead of day (
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@Cristian (Nixtla) yeah I know. Have been busy with other things. Back to forecasting again 🙂. You are absolutely right. I found my dumb mistake after I learned how to make VSCode debugger step into the neuralforecast scripts while executing and saw the frequency was not right inside of
function of the core module. Thanks for the quick reply. Hope all is well with you and the team.