# general

Viet Yen Nguyen

09/25/2023, 6:55 AM
Like some others here, we’re also on the waitlist for TimeGPT. Would it be possible to share an outlook when more people gets access? Or better said: what’s the current limitation on admitting more people? Generally more users == more feedback too 🙂

Max (Nixtla)

09/25/2023, 5:20 PM
Hi @Viet Yen Nguyen, thanks so much for the interest, we will try you onboard you as fast as possible. We want to provide an excellent experience for our first users and want to also establish dedicated support and communication channels. We have experienced this dedicated approach is very informative and helpful, but it also demands more time and effort. The team is still small and that is the current constraint.
(Also, officially am in vacaction for two days and @fede (nixtla) (they/them) and @Cristian (Nixtla) are going to get mad at me if I keep texting)
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