Another one from me - nearly every internal link o...
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Another one from me - nearly every internal link on is giving me a 404 today. Is it just me, or is something up?
I messed up several of the index links last friday. Are you clicking the "Examples and Guides" section on the index?
I think it's those pages, but not from that specific section. The 'get started', 'quick guide' and 'end-to-end walkthrough' links all 404. I am on mobile, if that factors in.
Yeah I did a small reorganization of the documentation but forgot to update the links in the index page, so those are all broken. I have a PR that will fix them in a couple of minutes, sorry for the troubles. I think the sidebar isn't properly rendered in mobile, I'll take a look at that as well
Do you see the sidebar in the index like that?
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yep -- and many links have an ipynb extension rather than html (which is what I would expect). GitHub readme is linking to 404's too
That is a feature, not a bug.
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The links should work now. For the index sidebar I'm going to delete those links from the html file. You can still click on that small icon on the left and it'll display the sidebar
The sidebar should look fine now on mobile as well now