Hi everyone, I trained an NHITS model on larger da...
# neural-forecast
Hi everyone, I trained an NHITS model on larger dataset and and trying to tune it on a separate smaller dataset. I'm trying to change the number of
. It does not seem to work for me. I have the following function from this post: https://nixtlacommunity.slack.com/archives/C031M8RLC66/p1689171619028769
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from pytorch_lightning.callbacks import TQDMProgressBar
from pytorch_lightning.callbacks.early_stopping import EarlyStopping
def set_trainer_kwargs(nf, max_steps, early_stop_patience_steps):
	 ## Trainer arguments ##
        # Max steps, validation steps and check_val_every_n_epoch
        trainer_kwargs = {**{'max_steps': max_steps}}

        if 'max_epochs' in trainer_kwargs.keys():
            raise Exception('max_epochs is deprecated, use max_steps instead.')

        # Callbacks
        if trainer_kwargs.get('callbacks', None) is None:
            callbacks = [TQDMProgressBar()]
            # Early stopping
            if early_stop_patience_steps > 0:
                callbacks += [EarlyStopping(monitor='ptl/val_loss',

            trainer_kwargs['callbacks'] = callbacks

        # Add GPU accelerator if available
        if trainer_kwargs.get('accelerator', None) is None:
            if torch.cuda.is_available():
                trainer_kwargs['accelerator'] = "gpu"
        if trainer_kwargs.get('devices', None) is None:
            if torch.cuda.is_available():
                trainer_kwargs['devices'] = -1

        # Avoid saturating local memory, disabled fit model checkpoints
        if trainer_kwargs.get('enable_checkpointing', None) is None:
            trainer_kwargs['enable_checkpointing'] = False

        nf.models[0].trainer_kwargs = trainer_kwargs
        nf.models_init[0].trainer_kwargs = trainer_kwargs
to trainer_kwargs gives me the error
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nf.fit(Y_df_train, use_init_models=False, val_size=180)
TypeError: Trainer.__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'early_stop_patience_steps'
When I try the following:
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nf.models[0].val_check_steps = 3
nf.models[0].start_padding_enabled = False
nf.models[0].early_stop_patience_steps = 1
It seems to work for the
parameter but it does not seem to work for the
How do I do this?
Hi @Phil!
nf.models[0].early_stop_patience_steps = 1
Wont work because it is an argument of the
object of the Trainer. The function in that post should still work, is it giving an error?
Hi Cristian. sorry for the delay in my response. It's been a chaotic morning at LinkedIn this morning. I managed to make it work. I adapted the function above to this
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def set_trainer_kwargs(
    nf: NeuralForecast, 
    max_steps: int, 
    early_stop_patience_steps: int, 
    val_check_steps: Optional[int] = None) -> None:
    """Set trainer arguments for fine-tuning a pre-trained NeuralForecast model.

        nf: A pre-trained NeuralForecast model.
        max_steps: The maximum number of training steps.
        early_stop_patience_steps: Patience for early stopping (0 to disable).
        val_check_steps: The frequency of validation checks during training.


    Example usage:
        trained_model_path = "./results/12315464155/"
        nf = load_neural_forecast_model(model_path=trained_model_path)
        set_trainer_kwargs(nf=nf, max_steps=1000, early_stop_patience_steps=3, val_check_steps=35)
        nf.fit(df=new_df, use_init_models=False, val_size=nf.models[0].h)
    # Trainer arguments.
    trainer_kwargs = {
        # The maximum number of training steps.
        "max_steps": max_steps,
        # Display a progress bar during training.
        "callbacks": [TQDMProgressBar()],  
        # Use GPU if available, or "auto" to decide automatically.
        "accelerator": "gpu" if torch.cuda.is_available() else "auto",  
        # Use all GPUs if available, or 1 CPU if not.
        "devices": -1 if torch.cuda.is_available() else 1, 
        # Disable model checkpointing.
        "enable_checkpointing": False,

    # Early stopping callback.
    # Stop training early if validation loss doesn't improve for 'patience' steps.
    if early_stop_patience_steps > 0:
            EarlyStopping(monitor="ptl/val_loss", patience=early_stop_patience_steps)
    # Set custom validation check frequency.
    if val_check_steps:
        nf.models[0].val_check_steps = val_check_steps
    # Update trainer arguments for the model and its initialization.
    nf.models[0].trainer_kwargs = trainer_kwargs
    nf.models_init[0].trainer_kwargs = trainer_kwargs
If I put the
inside the
it throws an error
I had to do it like the code above shows and set it here instead
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nf.models[0].val_check_steps = val_check_steps