Hey, sorry for the stupid question but is there so...
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Hey, sorry for the stupid question but is there something I am not understanding about the API tokens? Running:
timegpt = TimeGPT(token=os.environ['TIMEGPT_TOKEN'])
timegpt.plot(df, time_col='Year', target_col='Price')
Will run as expected with my token. But then running in the same notebook:
timegpt_fcst_df = timegpt.forecast(df=df, h=12, freq='MS', time_col='Year', target_col='Price')
Results in the error:
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ApiError: status_code: 429, body: {'data': None, 'message': 'Too many requests', 'details': 'You have reached your request limit, email ops@nixtla.io to continue using the API', 'code': 'A20', 'requestID': 'QCSHFREJTR', 'support': 'If you have questions or need support, please email ops@nixtla.io'}
Does the token expire for each method call or is there something I am not understanding correctly? Help appreciated 🙂
Hi @brian mcgloughlin. According to the error message, you seem to have run out of credits. The plot function works without issues because it doesn't make a call to the TimeGPT API. Can you check your dashboard and see if you have any?
Hey Mariana, yeah my dashboard does say that I have run out of credits but I do not know why? Does the credit have a time limit or how does it work exactly?
Here you can check your dashboard: https://dashboard.nixtla.io/
the # of credits allow you to make calls to the TimeGPT API (1 credit = 1 call). If you have run out, please email us at ops@nixtla.io
keep in mind that we're still in beta, so that is why the number of credits is limited per user.
Ok understood, thanks for the help 🙂