Thought this post would be relevant for the Nixtla...
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Thought this post would be relevant for the Nixtla community here, some chatter about it at :
We saw it, we are preparing something for transfer learning too.
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We actually have a live demo…
Just use your data
Yeah I saw the transfer learning repo - I am working my way through all of your tools : ).
We have a framework for building real-time, lightweight AI applications that just uses Python: I've built out a few applications to use our own time series forecasting tools but want to extend it to statsforecast, neuralforecast, etc. Maybe we can jointly host a webinar on all things time series in 2023 if you are up for that.
Lets do it!
How should we proceed?
Sounds exciting, @Jonathan Farland! Let’s do it!
Great, it's unlikely that I can get it going in December with the impending holidays, let me chat with our marketing team and I'll be in touch. If you guys want to DM me the emails of the best folks to work with, that would be a great next step
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use my email 🙂
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