Hello, May I know what is "unique_id" and how it i...
# neural-forecast
Hello, May I know what is "unique_id" and how it is being generated in the datasets? Thank you.
Hello @virgilio espina. The "unique_id" is used to identify different time-series on your dataset. This is user generated because it depends on your data.
There is no constrains on the values, and the actual values will not affect the forecast. Simply use different identifiers (eg. "product_a", "product_b") for all the observations of each time-series. We have some examples here: https://nixtla.github.io/neuralforecast/examples/getting_started.html
complementing on @Cristian (Nixtla), here’s a description of the data format @virgilio espina: https://nixtla.github.io/neuralforecast/examples/data_format.html