marah othman

07/15/2023, 11:11 PM
lightning_lite.utilities.exceptions.MisconfigurationException: The provided lr scheduler
doesn't follow PyTorch's LRScheduler API. You should override the
hook with your own logic if you are using a custom LR scheduler. i got this error when trying to run automodel does any one have idea why this happend ?

Cristian (Nixtla)

07/16/2023, 5:36 PM
Are you specifying
in your config as you showed in a previous thread? I suggest you to remove this line. We have fixed many issues with PyTorch Lightning's integration in the latest releases, can you check you are using the latest version?

marah othman

07/16/2023, 6:07 PM
Version: 1.5.0 i am using this