Dear Nixtla-Team, just starting with your fantasti...
# neural-forecast
Dear Nixtla-Team, just starting with your fantastic library with a simple LSTM model: I have assured that the column 'ds' has a format (pd.to_datetime). While the simple training ( works, I get an error during training if I do a cross validation:
nf.cross_validation(df=Y_train_df, n_windows=10,step_size=1,val_size=horizon,sort_df=True,verbose=True)
`ValueError: You are trying to merge on datetime64[s] and object columns. If you wish to proceed you should use pd.concat`Actually I was not trying to merge anything at that point: is the method expecting another data format for 'ds' different from the simple fit? Thank you!
Hi @Marco Zucchini! Can you show an example of the date? Can you try with
Hi Cristian, thank you for quick reply! I was using:
df['ds']=<|>_datetime(df['Date'], utc=True)
, now I changed as you said but keeping
and got now the date in the format e.g. 2021-08-31 040000+00:00. That error is not there anymore but somehow I have a new trouble (!)
CUDA unknown error - this may be due to an incorrectly set up environment
For the sake of overcome it quickly I have tried to switch to cpu but it does not work: how can I force cpu instead of gpu? not like that?
torch.cuda.is_available = lambda : False