Dear Nixtla-Team, is it somehow possible to run a ...
# neural-forecast
Dear Nixtla-Team, is it somehow possible to run a rolling prediction just like cross validation does without refitting the model? For example I want to load a model from file and evaluate its performance on some set of new time series each containing far more data points that the horizon of the model. I am already considering hacking up something myself from the predict and crossvalidation methods.
You can use the
method. You will first need to change the number of
to 0, so when it calls the
method it doesn't run any iteration. You can do this with the following function:
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def set_trainer_kwargs(nf, max_steps, early_stop_patience_steps):
	## Trainer arguments ##
	# Max steps, validation steps and check_val_every_n_epoch
	trainer_kwargs = {**{'max_steps': max_steps}}

	if 'max_epochs' in trainer_kwargs.keys():
		raise Exception('max_epochs is deprecated, use max_steps instead.')

	# Callbacks
	if trainer_kwargs.get('callbacks', None) is None:
		callbacks = [TQDMProgressBar()]
		# Early stopping
		if early_stop_patience_steps > 0:
			callbacks += [EarlyStopping(monitor='ptl/val_loss',

		trainer_kwargs['callbacks'] = callbacks

	# Add GPU accelerator if available
	if trainer_kwargs.get('accelerator', None) is None:
		if torch.cuda.is_available():
			trainer_kwargs['accelerator'] = "gpu"
	if trainer_kwargs.get('devices', None) is None:
		if torch.cuda.is_available():
			trainer_kwargs['devices'] = -1

	# Avoid saturating local memory, disabled fit model checkpoints
	if trainer_kwargs.get('enable_checkpointing', None) is None:
		trainer_kwargs['enable_checkpointing'] = False

	nf.models[0].trainer_kwargs = trainer_kwargs
	nf.models_init[0].trainer_kwargs = trainer_kwargs
simply send the
core object and set
Works great, thank you!