Hello everyone. First I would like to thank every...
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Hello everyone. First I would like to thank everyone on the team for implementing the fill_gaps function, my team and I are already using it a lot here! We are testing scale modeling for approximately 40k time series with mlforecast, the results are looking promising. But we would like to test with TimeGPT as well. However, when passing the tocken, it started to run, but soon after the following message appeared:
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ApiError: status_code: 429, body: {'data': None, 'message': 'Too many requests', 'details': 'You have reached your request limit, email <mailto:ops@nixtla.io|ops@nixtla.io> to continue using the API', 'code': 'A20', 'requestID': 'CJA2TUG4YJ', 'support': 'If you have questions or need support, please email <mailto:ops@nixtla.io|ops@nixtla.io>'}
Hi @Mairon Cesar Simoes Chaves we are sorry you have been waiting. Be sure to fill the submit interest form in nixtla.io We are overwhelmed by the request but hope to be able you onboard you soon. That being said we are giving priority to old user of Nixtla like you.